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Diesel Generator

We are counted as amongst the leading entities of this domain. This is because we are betrothed in serving our clients with pocket-friendly services of Diesel generator on rent in Mumbai . We are one of the client-centric organization. Moreover, all of our services majorly include generator on rental and hiring basis as well. There are several occasions when the generator is required for some hours or week or for a month and hence, all of our provided services involve installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of the rental generator. Our clients can easily get in touch with us and attain our reasonable services. We are highly applauded and frequently appreciated by most of our clients. This is because we have created a niche in the global market owing to the following features:

  • Quick Services
  • High Satisfaction
  • Standby Option Also Available

The models of our generators are quite compact and lightweight which can be handled with an ease and transported from one place to another without much hassle. The services of our generators also encapsulate an inverter technology with pure sine wave output which ensures a production of a totally steady voltage. So, even any kind of the sensitive appliances and equipment can be directly used with our provided generator, without any need of an additional inverter. It also consists of a digital meter display which shows a total running time, revolution per minute, battery voltage and output voltage as well. Displaying of this vital operational information makes it easier for the operator to control the device properly with an ease and comfort. We work in close coordination with our clients with an aim of not to dissatisfying them while rendering the services of Diesel generator on hire in Mumbai. Who so ever approaches us, gets complete services executed within the shortest time span with flawlessness in anything.

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  • Company: Tower Power Services
  • Address: Azmi Mohalla,No. 7, Jari Mari, kurla andheri road, Mumbai- 400072

  • Phone:+91-9870270891 / 8655786175 / 9870634815 / 7738019645

  • Email: towerpowerservice@gmail.com

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